Thursday, April 28, 2011

Commission Projects!

Hello Everyone, here are a few commission projects I have been working on lately. It has been wonderful to work with clients here in the Portland area - thank you and I hope you are enjoying your new paintings!

Matthew, Katherine & Stella
This painting is inspired by a farm in Hillsboro that they spend summers enjoying. I especially am drawn to the barn structure - not painting many buildings into my paintings - this was a wonderful experience and gave me a way to stretch myself, creatively, a bit too. It was great to work with you and I know Olive enjoyed it too Stella!

Virginia McEwing
Virginia had this painting commissioned for her husband. They walk their dogs in this lovely field and are always taken with it's natural beauty and wonderful view of the mountains. Wonderful experience as well, thank you!

Sam & Kerry Antos
I just loved working with you both on this commission! I hope this brings great color into your home, with the bright sky, which was what drew you to my work initially. It is such an uplifting landscape for such an wonderful young family. Enjoy!